Weekly Photo Challenge: Carefree

Summer memories make everything feel magical to me — carefree and untroubled.

Even on the trips where everything went wrong, I look back and smile at the narrow escapes, or the long walks on a beach while I sorted out and righted the world.

Whether a good memory was made in years past, yesterday, or only moments ago, I love letting the nostalgia wrap me up — like a borrowed sweater on a cold summer night. Even more, I love making new memories: a carefree summer at the lake, a stroll through the park, dancing in the rain… then all I need to do is remember, and the same carefree feeling washes over me.

BC Ferry Ride

BC Ferry Ride

“Summertime and the livin is easy…” This photo was taken while on the ferry from Vancouver to Nanaimo, which we’ve travelled on several times over the years to visit family and friends.  Check out the other entries here.

Fort McMurray and Ottawa

Fort McMurray and Ottawa

What do Fort McMurray and Ottawa have in common? Well, not much, except that my wife has a brother living in each city. As pictures describe at least a thousand words, here’s a few pictures we took with our new Nikon camera while spending one week of our holidays at Ft. McMurray and another week in Ottawa and environs. You can enlarge these pictures by clicking on my Flickr on the sidebar.


Oil Sands Museum

My wife Julianna and yours truly in front of the Oil Sands Museum.





This sign gives you an idea of the enormity of the machines used to mine and process the tar sands.



Me in front of the bucket.


Conveyor Wheel

Julianna in front of the conveyor wheel.


Earth moving machine

Brother-in-law George and his wife Merabel in cab of earth moving machine, which was about two stories high.



Ottawa brother-in-law John performing a mini concert for us on the piano, with his daughter Jahna smiling, and to the left their dog Toto on my lap.



Reindeer in Omega Park.



A noble bison bull in Omega Park.



Beaver dam in marsh area of the Rideau River.



Centre Block with Peace Tower on Parliament Hill.



Changing of the Guard.



Changing of the Guard.



Julianna, our daughter Anna, me, & front row, Jahna, in front of the main door into the Centre Block Parliament Building.



Anna and me with two of the Famous Five, who succeeded in gaining women the right to vote.



The Rideau Canal locks



The Museum of Civilization



Me in front of artist Norval Morrisseau’s masterpiece, “A Separate Reality.” This is a breathtakingly beautiful painting, depicting the interconnectedness and peace of humankind with the whole creation. One could spend two, three or more days in the Museum of Civilization in order to appreciate more fully its rich, diverse exhibits.



The Royal Canadian Mint, building on the right, inside the fence. Did you know that in addition to printing Canadian currency, our Canadian Mint prints currency for one-quarter of the world’s nations?



A bird’s eye view of Ottawa taken from the Peace Tower. Across the Ottawa River you can see Canada’s National Art Gallery, and across for it, Notre Dame Cathedral.

I hope you enjoyed these pictures. We are truly a blessed nation, rich in geographical and cultural diversity.