Our picnic at Echo Dale Park

Our picnic at Echo Dale Park 

Today we went out to Echo Dale Park for a picnic. Echo Dale is located along the South Saskatchewan River, close to Redcliff and Medicine Hat, Alberta. It was a sizzling-hot summer’s day—in the thirties Celsius—so finding refuge under the trees was a necessity. Unfortunately, our digital camera is not a high-end model, so we couldn’t take pictures of the many species of birds that we saw on our walk along the river—we even saw an eagle in flight, gliding gracefully above the cliffs. The food we ate was barbecued chicken, potato salad, carrot salad, and cucumber salad. For dessert we had fruit melange—a perfect menu for a picnic. Yummy! Enough said, here’s a few pictures.


 Echo Dale 002


My wife Julianna enjoying our picnic dinner.

 Echo Dale 003


DimLamp enjoying the meal.

Echo Dale 004 


Echo Dale pond.

Echo Dale 009 


Orange-red cliffs across the South Saskatchewan River.

 Echo Dale 014


Echo Dale antique farm machinery.

Echo Dale 018 


Echo Dale farm horses.


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