Latest Scribbles-Digital Art

I’ve had some fun working with Microsoft Paint today, making the scribbles above.

Farmstead scribble

Farmstead in watercolour pencils

Haven’t scribbled for a while, here’s my latest.

September 2010 Sribbles

It has been quite a while since I’ve posted any scribbles, so here are three of my most recent ones.

Last Supper

Burning bush

 I used Paint program for Burning bush, digital scribble/art.

Jesus teaching crowd in a boat, Mark 3

Pentecost Scribbles

Pentecost Scribbles

The Holy Spirit symbolised by dove and fire are depicted here in my recent scribbles. I call them scribbles as opposed to works of art because I’m not a trained artist. I turn to scribbling as a pleasant activity, which has value in and of itself. If the finished scribble is of any significance, well it’s likely more by accident than design—perhaps the work of the creative Holy Spirit through this earthly vessel.

Holy Spirita

Holy Spiritb