CLWR’s first webinar

Recently I attended Canadian Lutheran World Relief’s first ever webinar on Refugees, COVID-19 and the Church. It was quite informative. According to one of the speakers, there are around 80 million refugees in the world today. That is tragic, since many are in refugee camps where they are spaced close together, hence it is difficult to maintain the 2 metre distance. Moreover, water to wash hands, masks and sanitizer are in short supply, if available at all—so they are at a much higher risk of contracting the coronavirus. Click on the following link to hopefully view the webinar: CLWR.

Mikhail Lennikov seeks sanctuary in First Lutheran Church

Mikhail Lennikov seeks sanctuary in First Lutheran Church

 Mikhail Lennikov, a former Russian KGB agent, seeks sanctuary in First Lutheran Church, Vancouver, B.C. The practice of sanctuary goes back at least to biblical times. Such a practice is certainly in line with the spirit of Jesus who loved and welcomed into his midst the outcasts of his day. Should sanctuary, under certain circumstances, take precedent over civil law? What are such circumstances? What do you think? Read and watch video here.