Prayer Maundy Thursday, Year A

Prayer of the Church, Maundy Thursday, Year A
P: God our Deliverer: We praise and thank you that in ancient times you instructed Moses and Aaron to institute the Passover festival; which is to be a perpetual ordinance for Israel. The blood of the Passover lamb on the Israelite houses was a sign to the LORD to pass over and save them from death. The Passover is also a meal celebrating the freedom of the Israelites from Egyptian slavery. We pray for all peoples in our land and around the globe who continue to be oppressed and suffer from various forms of slavery; grant them deliverance. God of mercy: C: Hear our prayer. P: God our Deliverer: Like the psalmist of old, we will lift up the cup of salvation and call on your name; for you have loosed our bonds. We will offer to you a thanksgiving sacrifice as we call on your name to worship and serve you. God of mercy: C: Hear our prayer. P: God our Deliverer: We give you our praise and thanks for instructing the ancient Church to institute the sacrament of Holy Communion; and handed down to us today. As we eat and drink the bread and wine, may we always remember what you have done for us on the cross Jesus. God of mercy: C: Hear our prayer. P: God our Deliverer: On that first Maundy Thursday long ago, you took on the role of the lowest slave or household servant by washing the feet of your disciples. In washing their feet, you set an example of humble service for all time to everyone who wishes to follow you. In this way, you also revealed how to live out your new commandment by loving one another. Forgive us when we fail to love one another in acts of humble service; forgive us for failing to let everyone know that we are Jesus’ disciples by not loving one another. God of mercy: C: Hear our prayer. (Additional prayers may be included here, ending with: God of mercy: C: Hear our prayer.) P: God our Deliverer: During this Holy Week, we are drawn into the story of your Passion. We too are saddened by the betrayal of Judas who was one of your disciples. Have mercy on us when we betray you and evil powers overtake us. Deliver us from those who betray us. As we celebrate your Holy Supper tonight; draw us close to you and grant us ever-grateful hearts for the saving power of your forgiveness poured out for us on the cross. God of mercy: C: Hear our prayer. P: God our Deliverer: The world continues to be filled with sorrow and grief, hatred and evil, terrorism and war. Bestow your divine grace upon all leaders of nations; that they may govern with compassion for their people to serve and protect the interests of the weakest and most vulnerable in the land. God of mercy: C: Hear our prayer.
P: All of these our prayers we commend into your all-sufficient hands; that in mercy you would hear us for the sake of Jesus our Crucified Messiah. ALL: Amen.