Around the Lutheran Blogosphere

Professor Kirby Olson reflects among other things, on the leadership of Moses and Dirk Nowitzki over at Lutheran Surrealism.
Over at Sundries, listen to this Pentecost hymn:“Nun bitten wir den Heiligen Geist/We now implore the Holy Ghost.
On The Fritz reflects on the Holy Spirit and the hymns of Luther and Hildegard of Bingen and a quote from John Masefield here.
The Rev. Joelle Colville-Hanson muses about a polka mass on Pentecost Sunday here.
Read Pastor Kevin Powell’s book review of The Irresistible Church here.

Gleanings from the Lutheran blogosphere

Periodically, I like to surf the world-wide-web and discover what is going on in the Lutheran blogosphere. Here ae a few blogs that you might wish to visit:

At the What If? Blog, a post on talking about Jesus in a domestic dispute: 

 At Glosses From An Old Manse blog, a reflection on whether or not ‘settled science’ is an oxymoron:

At Ben Unseth’s Red-Letter Ideas blog, Ben reflects on the impact of his recently-deceased, 92-year-old friend who was an insightful physicist and faithful follower of Jesus:

At Simul Iustus et Peccator, read the book review of The Resurrection of Jesus-Part 3:

At Faith in Community, read about a Lenten monologue series named after the hymn, Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus: 

At Pastor Dan’s Grace Notes, there are worship helps for Transfiguration Sunday:

At Lutheran Confessions, ponder five creative suggestions for your Lenten prayer life: