WP Weekly Photo Challenge: Street Life

This week Cheri writes:

A place reveals itself on its streets, from pedestrians strolling during lunch time, to performers entertaining tourists on sidewalks, to the bustle of local markets, and more. Whether you’re shoveling snow from your own driveway or walking a familiar route to work or getting lost in a foreign city, a snapshot of a street (or road or path) can tell a tale.

I explored the cobblestone streets of Lisbon one summer, captured above in a shot of one of its neighborhoods, Bairro Alto. I especially loved the city’s sloped alleyways, as well as the graffiti-strewn walls and grittier feel of this particular district.

For this challenge, document the movement (or stillness) of a street: tell a story with your snapshot, capture a scene that reveals a bit about a place, or simply show us where you live — or a path you often take.

Recently, my wife and I made our first pilgrimage to Israel. Here is a photo I took on the corner of busy Ha Kotel Street in Jerusalem, near the temple mount. This street, down through the centuries has likely been walked on by all kinds of people, likely from all over the world. Visit the other entries here.

Members of our Israel trip tour group

Members of our Israel trip tour group

Israel trip continued

Mount Zion and Zion (especially in the Psalms and Isaiah in reference to Jerusalem) is frequently mentioned in the Bible.


This new header is from a lithograph by artist Amram Ebgi, titled: “Jerusalem for Peace.” You can view it in more detail under Jerusalem over at The Text This Week, and click on art index.