From The Simon Wiesenthal Center

From The Simon Wiesenthal Center

The state of Israel received a lot of criticism about targeting civilians in the 2009 Goldstone Report, which the United Nations supported. Now Judge Goldstone has retracted statements in his report against the charge targeting civilians in the Gaza conflict with Hamas. The Wiesenthal Center is now petitioning the UN to:
1. Make a public statement endorsing Goldstone’s retraction of the Report

2. Call on UN Human Rights Council Chief Navi Pillay and UNHRC members to block any further action based on the erroneous charges in what is now seen by the author as a fundamentally flawed document

3. To inform members of the UN General Assembly of Judge Goldstone’s retraction of the libel that Israel targeted Gaza’s civilians during the 2009 war with Hamas
You can read about it further and sign a petition here.

Rabbi Abraham Cooper writes about his trip to Malmo, Sweden to investigate the growing antisemitic incidents in that nation, you can read about it here. Sweden being primarily a Lutheran nation; I wonder what the Church of Sweden is doing to support the Jewish community there. I hope it is monitoring the situation carefully, and not remaining silent and turning a blind eye. If there are any Church of Sweden readers of my blog, I’d appreciate hearing from you.