My 25 Anniversary of Ordination

My 25 Anniversary of Ordination

Yesterday, May 13, 2009 marked my 25th anniversary year of ordination into the ministry. My congregation, Grace Lutheran Church, Medicine Hat, Alberta celebrated this special day with me by organizing a potluck supper and presenting me with this beautiful stole. Thank you family of Grace from the bottom of my heart!


It is a high privilege to serve such a wonderful congregation. You live up to your name! I never cease to be amazed by the grace-filled folks of Grace Lutheran. I give thanks to God for the love, forgiveness, trust and respect that the people of Grace have accorded me. And for 25 years of ordained ministry, Soli Deo Gloria!

The Diary of a Country Priest

The Diary of a Country Priest

This summer I recently read The Diary of a Country Priest by the political writer, Georges Bernanos. As the title suggests, it is written in diary form and is set in a poor rural parish in France during the early twentieth century. The priest, an orphan, is young and sometimes naïvely idealistic, while at other times most insightful. As the Christ-figure in the novel, he has his share of suffering and matures in his faith because of it.

For those who may be interested in the novel, here are three rather profound quotes:

Rich and poor alike, you’d do better to look at yourselves in the mirror of want, for poverty is the image of your own fundamental illusion. Poverty is the emptiness in your hearts and in your hands. (p. 62)

It is very easy to surrender to God’s will when it is proved to you day after day that you can do no good. But in the end one would thankfully accept, as divine favours, set-backs and humiliations which are simply the inevitable results of our folly. (p. 190)

Even from the Cross, when Our Lord in His agony found the perfection of His saintly Humanity—even then He did not own Himself a victim of injustice. They know not what they do. Words that have meaning for the youngest child, words some would like to call childish, but the spirits of evil must have been muttering them ever since without understanding, and with ever-growing terror. (p. 292)