CLWR’s first webinar

Recently I attended Canadian Lutheran World Relief’s first ever webinar on Refugees, COVID-19 and the Church. It was quite informative. According to one of the speakers, there are around 80 million refugees in the world today. That is tragic, since many are in refugee camps where they are spaced close together, hence it is difficult to maintain the 2 metre distance. Moreover, water to wash hands, masks and sanitizer are in short supply, if available at all—so they are at a much higher risk of contracting the coronavirus. Click on the following link to hopefully view the webinar: CLWR.

East AfricaFamine

In the spirit of Matthew chapter twenty-five, Canadian Lutheran World Relief is working hard to meet needs of desperate refugees fromSomalia. You can read about and donate to their emergency appeal forEast Africadrought victims here

   CLWR has been working in African countries, offering sustainability and self-sufficiency projects, which you can read about here.

   You can read about the work of the Lutheran World Federation’s centre of emergency response to refugees from Somalia here.

Earthquake in Chile

Canadian Lutheran World Relief has put out a press release appealing for support for the people of Chile who were hit by a recent earthquake. Prayers in the form of words and action are certainly appropriate at this time. You can read the press release here.

More than 1 billion hungry

More than 1 billion don’t have enough food to eat

According to a CBC news report: United Nations food agency says a record 1.02 billion people are hungry around the world, largely due to the global economic crisis and stubbornly high food prices. Read more about it here.

What can we do?

  • Give generously to benevolent NGOs like Canadian Lutheran World Relief,  who work on the front lines to improve the quality of life in the Two-Thirds World with community based projects.
  • Pray for “daily bread” for the now over 1 billion starving people in our world. (Note: In Lutheran tradition, following Martin Luther himself, daily bread is an all-inclusive phrase in the Lord’s Prayer, and refers to: food, clothing, shelter, health care, education, good government, and a peaceful, just society).
  • Work or volunteer for an NGO that compliments your faith and/or worldview.
  • Speak with your political representatives and encourage the government to increase their benevolent giving to the Two-Thirds nations without strings attached.
  • Make connections with people from the Two-Thirds World; learn from them, become a neighbour, befriend them.
  • I’m sure there are a host of other activities that you, kind reader, with all of your creativity, can add on to my brief list here, and pursue.


Most readers are aware of the tragic situation in Burma as they try to recover from the devastating cyclone. The response of the military junta has been far too slow and hard-hearted. Finally they have agreed to let the international community in to offer disaster relief. You can help too by supporting organisations like Canadian Lutheran World Relief and the Evangelical Lutheran Church In Canada’s Global Hunger and Development Appeal. You can call CLWR to donate at: 1.800.661.2597 or visit: . You can call ELCIC’s GHDA to donate at: 1.888.786.6707 or visit: Most NGOs of this nature are highly trustworthy; even supported by the Canadian International Development Agency; and do excellent work—respecting the cultural values and dignity of the recipients; while efficiently managing resources to keep administrative costs at a minimum and ensuring that the appropriate assistance reaches those in greatest need.