Prayers & Benediction Palm/Passion Sunday Yr C

Prayer of the Church, Palm/Passion Sunday, Year C

God our help in times of trouble and suffering: We praise and thank you for vindicating your Son, Jesus our Suffering Servant as he suffered and died on the cross. God of mercy: C: Hear our prayer.

Crucified Saviour: When the world had poured out all of its scorn and hatred and cruel punishment against you, and the powers of evil sought your ultimate destruction; you put all of your trust in the LORD your God for your deliverance. In the face of evil, may we also place all of our trust in the LORD our deliverer: God of creation: C: Your mercy is great.

Cross-bearing Christ: Grant us your attitude, mind-set, and spirit to learn that it is not in power but in weakness; not in pride but in humility; not in doing our own thing but in obedience to you that we discover the real meaning and purpose of our lives. We repent of our lust for power; our deceitful pride and selfishness which motivate us. Forgive us Jesus, that we may be more willing disciples; boldly confessing your Lordship over our lives and all of creation. God of creation: C: Your mercy is great.

God of all the suffering: You led your Son every step of the way through his suffering and crucifixion. Today we remember all who suffer in our community, province, nation and world—especially the people of Haiti, Chile, and Sudan; be their Source of comfort and strength by leading them through their suffering and forms of crucifixion. God of creation: C: Your mercy is great.

(Additional intercessions and thanksgivings may be offered here, ending with: God of creation: C: Your mercy is great.)

Saviour of the world: this day and Holy Week please guide and direct our hearts, souls, minds and lives to focus more clearly on your entry into Jerusalem and the events which unfolded during the last week of your life in the flesh here on earth. May your Holy Spirit enlighten, inspire and empower us concerning your Passion; giving us the will and courage to spread this wonderful message near and far. God of creation: C: Your mercy is great.

We pray all of these things in the name of our crucified Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. C: Amen.


Now may God the mighty Creator; Christ the cross-bearing Saviour+; & the Holy Spirit who leads you into all truth bless & keep you now & forever.


Prayer & Benediction Transfiguration Sunday Yr C

Prayer of the Church, Transfiguration Sunday, Year C


God of Light: we praise and thank you for the prophet and lawgiver Moses and his legacy of faithfulness as he communed with you on Mount Sinai by receiving the two tablets of the covenant and delivering them to the Israelites. Help us, like Moses, to commune with you in prayer by listening for and then doing your will each day. God of Light: C: Your mercy is great.

Mighty King, lover of justice, equity and righteousness: in times of trouble and suffering, prophets and priests called on your name in prayer on behalf of your chosen people; you answered them and forgave their sins. So, too, in our times of trouble and suffering may we turn to you and call on your name in prayer; trusting that you shall deliver us and forgive our sins. God of Light: C: Your mercy is great.

Holy Spirit of the Lord: we are most grateful for the freedom you have given us to love and serve you and our neighbour. Shine your holy light into us and give us a lifelong hunger and thirst for the truth of God’s word; commending ourselves to the conscience of everyone in the sight of God. God of Light: C: Your mercy is great.

Father of the human race: shed your light of divine truth, wisdom and knowledge upon all leaders and governments of the world, including our own. May they govern with justice and mercy; especially protecting the rights and freedoms of the weakest and most vulnerable of their citizens. God of Light: C: Your mercy is great.

Christ, Light of the world: shine your light into our hearts, minds and lives; open our eyes to the bright light of your Gospel that we may be more committed to the regular study and reading of your word; which strengthens us in faith and service. God of Light: C: Your mercy is great.

Jesus our Transfigured Lord: you have given us a wonderful example of how to live and pray. Assist us in our communicating with you more frequently in prayer that we may receive a clearer vision of you and your holy will for us; for without this we stumble about blindly and can do nothing. God of Light: C: Your mercy is great.

(Additional petitions and thanksgivings may be inserted here, ending with: God of Light: C: Your mercy is great.)

High and Holy One of Israel and the Gentiles: send us out into the world with courage and enthusiasm to share Christ’s Transfigured Light like your first disciples long ago; this we pray in the Holy Name of God our Father, Jesus our True Light, and the Eternal Spirit. C: Amen.


The blessings of God of the Torah and prophets; the freeing love of the Holy Spirit; and the cleansing light of the Transfigured Christ be with you today and forever.




Prayer & Benediction Baptism of Our Lord Yr C

Prayer of the Church, The Baptism of Our Lord, Year C

God our Creator and Redeemer: we praise and thank you that you have called us by our name—knowing and loving us more than we know or love ourselves. Holy One of Israel and Saviour of the human race: no matter how far we may feel from you through suffering or sin, you promise to be with us and gather all of your scattered peoples together from every corner of the world. We rejoice and celebrate you presence among us. God of grace: C: Have mercy and hear our prayer.

God of speech: your voice goes forth from heaven and echoes through all of creation. In the act of speaking, your creative Word gave life to the universe—bringing order to chaos and meaning to meaninglessness. In awe and wonder we worship you, King of creation; bless us with your peace. God of grace: C: Have mercy and hear our prayer.

Breath of Life: You sent the apostles Peter and John to lay their hands on the people of Samaria and pray that they might receive the Holy Spirit. So, too, help us to be ambassadors of your Holy Spirit’s gifts and fruit—praying for and bringing your healing touch to all who are suffering and in need of healing. God of grace: C: Have mercy and hear our prayer.

We thank you heavenly Father for reaffirming through baptism that you had chosen and anointed Jesus, your Son, to accomplish the in-breaking of your reign in the hearts and lives of all believers. God of grace: C: Have mercy and hear our prayer.

In a dog-eat-dog, competitive world; we realize how much there is for us to learn from John’s shining example of humility. Assist all leaders of the world to be humble servants of their people that they may govern with justice and peace. God of grace: C: Have mercy and hear our prayer.

(Here other prayers and thanksgivings may be added, ending with: God of grace: C: Have mercy and hear our prayer.)

Blessed One: through the baptism and prayer of Jesus you revealed yourself to him and delighted in him as your beloved Son. We thank you for revealing yourself to us and claiming us as your children through our baptism. God of grace: C: Have mercy and hear our prayer.

Bestow your baptismal grace upon all Christians, everywhere; that they may spread the Good News of Jesus Christ in thoughts, words, and actions to every nation on earth. We pray in Jesus’ Holy Name. C: Amen.


The blessing of God’s peace, the baptismal affirmation that Christ is well pleased with you, and the reconciling power of the Holy Spirit be with you now and always.