Sermon 2 Lent Yr B

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Quirky new Martin Luther fad

Martin Luther just became Playmobil’s fastest selling toy ever


Playmobil has found a new best-selling figurine in the unlikely character of the 16th century Protestant reformer Martin Luther.


Quirky Martin Luther fad

Quirky Martin Luther fad

Some 34,000 of the tiny plastic toy sold out within 72 hours, which a Playmobil spokesperson said was “absolutely the fastest we’ve ever experienced”.

The vast majority of these sales came from within Germany, with 5pc of the toys selling to international buyers.

Although the German toymaker has attempted to meet this unexpected demand by putting in an urgent order with its Maltese factory to increase production, the new batch will not be ready until the end of April.

The figurine comes dressed in 16th century academic robes, replete with cap, scroll and quill.

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Sermon 4 Epiphany Yr B

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