Weekly Photo Challenge: Habit

This week’s there is: Habit. The stuff of the everyday — places we go, things we do, people we see.

We don’t often think of habitual acts as photo-worthy occasions — after all, they happen all the time. But it’s because they happen frequently that they’re worth documenting; these moments and people are constants in your life and deserve to be commemorated.

This week, show us something that’s a HABIT. If could be your daily walk to the bus stop, or your daily paper lying on the doorstep. Maybe it’s the guy behind the counter at the deli you always visit for lunch, the stuffed bunny your child must have at bedtime, or the view from your desk as you sit down to blog.


Every morning I like to read our city’s local newspaper. The perhaps most famous 20th century Protestant theologian, Karl Barth, once is quoted as saying: “Take your Bible and take your newspaper, and read both. But interpret newspapers from your Bible.” Adding to Barth, I’d say that as Christians we are citizens of two kingdoms-the kingdom of this world (i.e. in particular your nation in which you hold citizenship, and in general as a human being on planet earth), and the kingdom of God/heaven. As I think further on this theme and our calling as citizens in two kingdoms, I also am reminded of the following song by Simon and Garfunkel, “7 O’Clock News-Silent Night.” Check out the other entries here.