Weekly Photo Challenge: Nostalgic

Nostalgic. Sometimes, we long for the past: for moments we want to remember or recapture. The good times. The golden years. Or perhaps we’re homesick, or longing for something — or someone — that might have been.


This past month while in New York City, I visited Coney Island. There was just something about this seaside amusement park that conjured memories from my childhood, even though I’d never been there. Maybe the smells, sounds, and sights reminded me of family trips to the Santa Cruz Boardwalk and Disneyland, both in California. And the quick thrills I felt going upside down on a rollercoaster, and later winning a stuffed animal at a carnival booth, transported me back to 1985.


As with most of our photo challenges, we’re keeping this one wide open to interpretation. Some ideas:

  • A meaningful family photograph.
  • A snapshot of something or someone that reminds you of your past.
  • A “throwback” image of a thing or activity you once loved.
  • A picture of your home, home city/country, or a place that you long for.
  • An image edited with a vintage filter (try using Instagram, PicMonkey, or other apps).
In front of Parliament Buildings, Ottawa

In front of Parliament Buildings, Ottawa

This photo was taken of our family [the 3 of us in the back] with little niece in front, standing at the main entrance into The House of Commons, Ottawa, Ontario, our nation’s capital city. It is a nostalgic photo for me because it was the last major holiday that my wife and yours truly went on with our daughter together, back in 2009. For other entries click here.

About dimlamp
I am, among other things, a sojourner, a sinner-saint, a baptized, life-long learner and follower of Jesus, and Lutheran pastor. Dim Lamp: dimlamp.wordpress.com gwh photos: gwhphotos.wordpress.com

3 Responses to Weekly Photo Challenge: Nostalgic

  1. frizztext says:

    times are changing … we have to accept it …

  2. dimlamp says:

    True, one of the constants in life is change…

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