Sermon Easter Day Yr C

You can read my sermon for Easter Day, March 31, 2013 here: Easter Day Yr C

Today is International Women’s Day

[Although women have made many strides toward gender equality, there is still a ways to go. For example, here in Canada, women still only earn about 70 to 85 cents of every dollar that men earn for the same work. Teenage females are stressed out by and worry about violence in school, which also can contribute to mental and physical health conditions for these female teens, which lead to high admission rates in hospitals.  In celebration of International Women’s Day, I’ve posted information here from our Alberta & the Territories ELCIC Social Justice Newsletter – South Alberta.  -Dimlamp]

Meet Doris Rodriguez and Judith Tembo Zulu (virtually) for International Women’s Day

CLWR is happy to mark International Women’s Day, on March 8. Gender equality is a “cross-cutting theme” in CLWR’s development programming, which means that efforts are made to include men and women equally in all our projects. Below, please meet two women who have benefitted from this work. Please share their stories!

 Doris Rodriguez trains her community in Peru on how to properly raise guinea pigs, using her farm as an example. She and her husband Rolando work together on raising their livestock, challenging stereotypes about “women’s” and “men’s” work.  (video)

 When CLWR’s partner Lutheran World Federation came to Malata, Zambia, Judith Tembo Zulu received training in leadership, literacy and gender equality. She was elected to lead the village’s Strategic Action Group, a grassroots committee responsible for managing development initiatives in the village. She ran for public office and now serves as an area councillor for the Mkaika Ward in Katete District. (blog)

Short story 3 Lent Yr C

Short story for 3 Lent, Yr C

 Lars was a successful and highly respected sea captain. He was a well-seasoned sailor, who never panicked in troubled waters. He loved the beauty of the oceans and had travelled around the world several times.

   However time began to have its way with Lars. So he had a long overdue check-up with his doctor friend. A week later, the clinic receptionist called Lars and told him the doctor needed him to come in and discuss something.

   Now Lars began to worry, and pray, as he was a man of faith and was as involved in his local congregation as much as he could be when he was home. While away on trips, he would also make an effort to attend worship services.

   When he met with his doctor friend, Lars was told that he had cancer. The doctor advised him to go for surgery as soon as possible, and after the surgery to have radiation treatments. Lars agreed, and the first thing he did was to inform his pastor, and asked to be included in the congregation’s prayers.

   After the surgery and during the radiation treatments, Lars was hopeful and in good spirits, thanks to the care and skill of his doctor and the other healthcare team, along with the prayers of his congregation. Most of all, Lars was grateful to God for giving him another chance to live.

   Today, Jesus tells a parable of an unproductive fig tree. The gardener succeeds in convincing the vineyard owner to give the tree another chance: ‘Sir, let it alone for one more year, until I dig around it and put manure on it.’ [Lk 13:8]

   Thank God that he gives us another chance! How many other chances have you had? God is a God of another chance.