What is happening in Iran?

The following collection of pictures and commentary presents a rather disturbing perspective on what is happening in Iran. By and large, the media coverage on Iran in the Western world seems rather scant at best, and tends to downplay the rather than profile the human rights violations in that nation. I therefore appreciate the following presentation from the folks at http://www.honestreporting.com/.

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5 Responses to What is happening in Iran?

  1. Kirby Olson says:

    There is an amazing novel by an Iranian woman novelist called The Bathhouse. She was sequestered in a bathhouse after the Iranian Revolution. Most of her family was shot and killed. In the Bathhouse, women are raped before being murdered by the state, since once they are raped, they are guilty of fornication, and thus have to be killed. The logic is beyond belief. Farnoosh Moshiri wrote the book. It’s not an easy read. Eventually Moshiri walked out of Iran through a mine field holding her son. She now lives and teaches in Syracuse, NY. I think however that her message cannot penetrate through the “multicultural” acceptance which cannot admit there is something deeply wrong in Iran and in many other Islamic countries even from within a feminist viewpoint.

  2. dimlamp says:

    Sounds like a necessary, but difficult novel that illustrates the truth of what’s going on there in terms of religious and gender persecution. The other pressing issue in the Middle East, I think, is how the Western press is always ready and willing to critique Israel, the only democracy in the region, while ignoring the ethnic and religious cleansing going on in the Middle East, which targets Christians and Jews.

  3. Kirby Olson says:

    Yes, the western secular media despises Christians and Jews for the most part, especially traditionalists, and gives the Muslims a free pass no what they do. It’s not that they are on the same side. If the traditionalist Muslims of Iran got their hands around the necks of our western media, they would all be dead within days. It’s just the western media is trying hard to kill organized religion because they see it as a holdout against the cultural reforms that will remake marriage, make abortion legal up until the age of three (this is a policy that is still on the outskirts of acceptability, but is moving closer to the center of the left’s Moloch-esque agenda). Meanwhile, the horrors of Islam are not allowed to be mentioned. We are supposed to be the worst countries on earth. God forbid anyone should mention clitorectomy, rape before state murder, or the fact of a completely silenced gender. Very few women who have come from those areas are literate enough to give voice to the problems within Islam. Farnoosh Moshiri is one of the best in terms of novelists. I like the woman from Somalia whose name I can’t quite recall. She’s in hiding in America. What’s her name again? The opposition in Iran is largely secularist, too. And also in Somalia. There’s an attempt to set loose a female Voltaire within Islam. I don’t know: I’m sympathetic toward the Sufis. They have a sense of humor that is quite charming.

  4. dimlamp says:

    I think we both agree on this one Kirby and are likely “preaching to the choir.”

  5. Kirby Olson says:

    Well, it’s nice to have solidarity on one or two issues. It helps me to think I might be right about something, instead of insane, as I largely feel.

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