Sermon 1 Advent Yr B

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Sermon Christ the King Sunday, Yr A

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Sermon 22 Pentecost Yr A

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Jewish-Christian-Muslim Trialogue?

Over at the Jewish-Christian Relations web site, there is a thought-provoking article by Markus HeitKaemper, titled: Learning to Listen: Are Christians ready for dialogue with Jews and Muslims? In the article (which actually was a talk given on the occasion of the regional opening of this year’s “Week of Brotherhood” at the City of Essen’s “ALTE SYNAGOGE — Haus jüdischer Kultur” on March 14, 2011), the author reflects on the progress that has been made in the Jewish-Christian relationship in Germany since World War II. He also emphasises that there is a deeply-rooted difference in the Christian relationship with the Jewish people from that of the Christian relationship with Muslims. He counsels Christians to avoid supporting any dialogue or trialogue with Muslims if the latter support the politico-ideological views of terrorists organisations like Hamas—committed to the destruction of Israel as a nation. The first three words in HeitKaemper’s title remind me of a quote from theologian Paul Tillich: “The first duty of love is to listen.” Read the whole thing here.