Write a letter to release Yousef Nadarkhani

Pastor Yousef Nadarkhani is regarded by Amnesty International as a prisoner of conscience in Iran, and he is in danger of facing the death sentence on false charges. You can read about this and, I would encourage you to pray for Pastor Nadarkhani and his family, as well as those who are administering his case; and participate in Amnesty’s letting writing campaign to secure Pastor Nadarkhani’s release. To do so, click on this link.

About dimlamp
I am, among other things, a sojourner, a sinner-saint, a baptized, life-long learner and follower of Jesus, and Lutheran pastor. Dim Lamp: dimlamp.wordpress.com gwh photos: gwhphotos.wordpress.com

2 Responses to Write a letter to release Yousef Nadarkhani

  1. kirby olson says:

    Iran seems to have a catch and release program these days. It’s better than in the initial days in which they killed their prisoners in general with monstrous ideas like stoning them in a swimming pool (emptied of water) usually using a relative to throw the first stone. It was a stone age society at that point. They seem to be gaining a conscience. I suppose it’s a growing up process, but they are still moral infants, throwing tantrums, and spewing hatred. Thank you for the link. I shall write to them.

  2. dimlamp says:

    Thanks for writing to them. Hopefully if enough people do the same Pastor Nadarkhani will be unconditionally released.

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