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Professor Kirby Olson over at Lutheran Surrealism asks whether individual states in the U.S. have the right to overturn federal laws.

Over at On The Fritz you can read a reflection on Rosh Hashanah-Birth of Humankind.

Visit the Sundries Re: Blog  to view a video a Rosh Hashanah Rock Anthem, and a lengthy post titled: “The great financial crisis: A biblical diagnosis.

Read a daily devotion by Pastor Kerry Nelson here.

Over at faith in community, a pastor walks her dog and meets a couple of people, which cause her to pause and ask what attracts people to a congregation?



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2 Responses to Around the Lutheran Blogosphere

  1. Kirby Olson says:

    I think somehow we’re ending up talking about individual rights (on a smaller level than states’ rights) to stand against the mandates of the federal government (especially stealthcare) and the rights of individuals to keep their property. One thing I can’t understand in Christianity is the concept that the poor shall inherit the earth. Even in the Lord’s Prayer there is a sense that you should forgive your debts, which would mean the collapse of the worldly economy. And yet in the parable of the talents you get millions given to people and aren’t they supposed to invest it back into their societies and make even more?

    I think we have competing visions of the Gospel going on in the left and the right in America. The right has reason on its side, as well as faith. The left has a kind of messianic pulse, and lots of self-righteousness in the place of anything I could understand as Lutheran reasoning which does allow for private property in the realm of the kingdom of Caesar. I think when Jesus waxes lyrical about brotherly love he’s talking about the next kingdom.

    But there’s so little I know. I don’t think the government can just dispossess us of our constitutional rights and steal, even if they quote scripture while doing so.

    Meanwhile I find it funny that Cain is beginning to surge in all the polls. He’s beating Romney. He is the only one who is being himself at the podium. We like him. He’s setting a new standard. It’s so exciting. I hope he can continue.

  2. dimlamp says:

    God’s economy, kingdom, and ways are certainly different from those in the world.

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