Prayer of the Church 4 Advent Yr A

Prayer of the Church, 4th Sunday of Advent, Year A

P: Advent God: We praise and thank you for the word of promise spoken long ago by your prophet Isaiah; as he bore the good news of the birth of Immanuel–so may we be bearers of the good news that Immanuel comes to be with us. God of love: C: Hear our prayer.

   P: Shepherd of Israel: Like your chosen people who suffered at the hands of their enemies and cried to you in times of exile; so we cry out to you in our suffering and when we live in the exile of our sin and the powers of evil that threaten to destroy us. Restore us, O God of hosts; let your face shine, that we may be saved. God of love: C: Hear our prayer.

   P: God of Prophets and Apostles: We praise and thank you for calling prophets like Isaiah and apostles like Paul who faithfully proclaimed your Word to Jews and Gentiles. We also thank and praise you for calling us to a life of faith; may your Spirit of holiness work in and through us to inspire us with your grace and peace to share wherever you have called us to serve you. God of love: C: Hear our prayer.

   P: Saviour of the World: We thank and praise you for the faithfulness of Joseph, who listened to and acted in faith as your messenger spoke to him in a dream; so may we be attentive to your messengers speaking to us that we too may act in faith to accomplish your divine purposes; trusting that Emmanuel-God is with us. God of love: C: Hear our prayer.  

   P: King of kings and Lord of lords: Grace the leaders of nations with your wisdom that they govern with justice, mercy, and peace; especially today we remember: Queen Elizabeth, our Prime Minister and Members of Parliament, our Premier and Members of the Legislative Assembly, our Mayor and Council Members, and the leaders and peoples of Haiti, Sudan, North and South Korea, Burma, and El Salvador. God of love: C: Hear our prayer.

   P: Great Physician: In love and mercy you stretch out your hands to heal those who suffer from all manner of illness and disease. We pray for all who are sick, shut-in, hospitalized, dying, mourning their dead, depressed or lonely, especially: [names]. God of love: C: Hear our prayer.

   (Additional thanksgivings and intercessions may be included here, ending with: God of love: C: Hear our prayer.)

   P: Into your loving care we commend all for whom we pray; trusting in your all-sufficient grace; through Jesus our Immanuel; who together with the Spirit of Holiness we worship and adore; one God, who comes to be with us in every age. ALL: Amen.