Thanksgiving 2010

Thanksgiving is integral to the life of faith. The psalms are loaded with exhortations and invitations to give God thanks. In the psalms, God is thanked during acts of public worship for, among other things: life, health, bountiful harvests and provision of all the basic necessities of life, protection from danger and harm, God’s presence, covenant-faithfulness and steadfast love. In the New Testament thanks is also given in the context of public worship and prayer, healing and health, life and salvation. In Canada we celebrate Thanksgiving this weekend. One of the exercises that I encourage folks to engage in at Thanksgiving is to make a list from A to Z of persons and things and offer your thanks to God for them. Here is my list. If you would like to share yours by leaving a comment on this post you are most welcome to do so. A blessed Thanksgiving to you.

Blessed are you LORD God of heaven and earth. There are so many things and people for which I have to be thankful. Today I give you thanks for:

A – the beauty of your creation revealed through works of art

B – the Bible, source of abundant life now and eternally, revealing your truth and love

C – the covenants of God, both old and new, without them humankind would be lost

D – dreams that inspire, motivate, bring clarity and direction, and nurture our relationship with God

E – eternity, with its promise and hope of a perfect, sinless existence in God’s presence

F – faith, one of the three most important gifts of the Holy Spirit, keeping our relationship with God and neighbour alive and healthy

G – grace, God unconditional love, acceptance and forgiveness towards us

H – healing of mind, body or soul/spirit or all three, in more ways than we can ever know or understand

I – ideas, which give birth to thoughts, creativity, beliefs, inventions, and other meaningful activities

J – Jesus, who is, among other things, our Messiah, Lord, Saviour, Friend and Brother

K – the many acts of kindness directed towards me throughout my lifetime by God and countless people

L – love, which, of the triad of the Holy Spirit’s greatest gifts, reigns supreme, revealing the presence of God in the church and world, without which we could not exist

M – music, which allows us to express the whole range of human emotions, awakening us to the joy of life

N – neighbours, whom God commands us to love, and through whom we meet Jesus himself

O – offering, which provide us with the opportunity to love and serve God and neighbour by giving our time, talents and treasures in a spirit of love and generosity

P – preaching, which works faith in us and through it Christ is present and active

Q – quiet, in moments of silence God speaks to us, like he did to Elijah of old

R – resurrection, the small ones that give new life and hope in the everyday and ordinary, and the large one that we await with eager longing to be with Christ beyond the grave

S – sufferings that test us to the limits, strengthen and mature our faith by a deeper reliance on and trust in God, as well as shape, form and recreate us into the persons that God has predestined us to be

T – table, around which we gather to enjoy being fed with an abundance and variety of foods for our physical health, but also the place where family, friends, neighbours and even strangers share in the community of brotherhood and sisterhood, as well as the place where Christ is with us in, with and under the elements of bread and wine as we remember him and his immeasurable love for us through his suffering, death and resurrection  

U – unity, between husbands and wives in marriage, between Christians within their own denomination and ecumenically, between peoples of diverse faiths, racial, ethnic, social, economic and political backgrounds who live in peace, between the three Persons of our Triune God

V – vocations, realising that we are all in this life together, therefore we need the wide array of contributions that each human being makes for the common good of the human family

W – water, the essential element of human life and life as we know it on this planet, and the element through which God life in the sacrament of baptism into the death and resurrection of Jesus and the gift of the Holy Spirit

X – xylophone, that humble percussion instrument producing unique sounds to praise and thank the LORD with

Y – yeast, which is also humble, small and unseen, yet makes the difference in the quality of bread, and like small faith, adds quality to life and can work wonders that awaken folks to the creative power of God

Z – Zion, city of Jerusalem and hill where the temple was located, and the hope of a new, heavenly Jerusalem, when God shall consummate all of human history, ushering in the complete realm of God


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I am, among other things, a sojourner, a sinner-saint, a baptized, life-long learner and follower of Jesus, and Lutheran pastor. Dim Lamp: gwh photos:

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