Our daughter’s trip to Rwanda

Our daughter’s trip to Rwanda

This summer our daughter accompanied a few other Canadians on a trip to Kigeme in Southern Rwanda. It was part of Dr. Rachael Spence’s Udder Project, which you can read about here. Anna had volunteered at Rachael’s veterinary clinic in Edmonton and was asked to accompany the Canadian team on their trip. It was an honour and privilege to make this trip and she learned a lot.

Here are a few of her pictures.

Rwandan Farms

Terrace farming is common in Rwanda

Rwanda is known as the country of one thousand hills, which aptly describes the nation’s geography.

Rwandan tea crop

Coffee is also grown in Rwanda.

Rwandan crossbreed cattle

The cattle native to Rwanda are now being bred with Friesians like this one to increase milk production.

Anna with John and Rwanda Friends

The people of Rwanda in the Kigeme area are quite poor. Yet, even in their poverty they are grateful to God for what they have been given. For example, if all they have is the clothing they are wearing; rather than complain about what they do not have, they might pray the following prayer: “Thank you God for giving me these clothes.”

Cathedral Church at Kigeme

The people walk long distances to attend Worship Services, which may be up to three or more hours in length.

A beautiful Rwanda sunset

   I thank our daughter Anna for granting me permission to share these pictures from Rwanda with you. Please leave a comment if you enjoyed viewing this post.