A Prayer for Maundy Thursday

The Washing of the Disciples' Feet by Ghislaine Howard

A Prayer for Maundy Thursday in Holy Week

Jesus, on this night long ago, you instituted the sacrament of the Lord’s Supper, Holy Communion, the Eucharist, or the Medicine of Immortality, as one follower of yours would later call it. Moreover, in preparation for this Sacred Meal, which functions as a Christian Passover; you humbled yourself as a slave or lowest servant would by washing your disciples’ feet. This was an act of tenderness and exemplary servanthood for followers of yours in every time and place. Thank you Jesus for establishing a covenant with us through the suffering of your body and shedding of your blood on the Cross—which we remember and celebrate your Presence in, with and under the bread and wine of your Holy Meal. We confess to you Jesus that in sinful pride, Christians of every denomination have celebrated this sacrament in ways that have furthered divisions within your one, holy, catholic, and apostolic Church. This has proven, and still is a tragedy and scandalous to millions upon millions of people; since one of the very purposes of instituting the Lord’s Supper was to unite your followers, not divide them. Suffering Servant, Passover Lamb of God, take away our personal sins and the whole sins of the world as we come to you for this Holy Medicine of Immortality, make us your One Body throughout the world. For your love’s sake, we pray.