Nativity scenes by William Kurelek

Nativity scenes by William Kurelek

One of my favourite artists is Ukrainian-Canadian painter, William Kurelek. Many years ago now, he did a series of nativity scenes. They were published in a lovely book, which I purchased, but alas, borrowed to someone whom I cannot even remember and they never did return it. The book is still available, you can google “William Kurelek nativity scenes” to learn where you can purchase a copy. I find the nativities very inspirational, and during this period of national divisions and nasty partisan politics, these paintings are a gentle reminder of the beauty and blessings we are privileged to enjoy here in Canada. Obviously those who produced our ELCIC Sunday bulletin series did too, as I recall back in the 1980’s there was at least one Kurelek nativity—if my memory serves me well, I believe the backdrop was the Parliament buildings in Ottawa. What I like in particular about these nativities is the way Kurelek depicts the sheer, simple beauty of the Incarnate Christ dwelling among ordinary Canadians all across our land. You can view them on this You Tube video here.