The season of Advent

The season of Advent 

In the church liturgical year, this is the season of Advent, which marks the beginning of a new year—so happy new year! The English Advent is derived from the Latin Adventus, meaning “coming.” Advent begins on the fourth Sunday before Christmas and thus is four weeks long. The liturgical colour for Advent traditionally has been purple, which symbolizes royalty. However, more recently blue the colour of hope has become more common in many churches.

  • We prepare for Christ’s coming into the world as a baby.
  • We celebrate Christ with us now in daily life.
  • We look forward with hope to Christ’s coming again.

One of the traditions during Advent is an Advent wreath, which may have originated in Germany, usually made from evergreen tree branches. The wreath symbolizes:

  • Eternity and God’s love for the world.
  • Consists of four candles, one for each week of Advent.
  • The candles remind us Christ is the light of the world.
  • The candles also symbolize: Week one prophecy or hope candle; week two Bethlehem or peace candle; week three shepherds’ or joy candle; week four angels’ or love candle.



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2 Responses to The season of Advent

  1. dimlamp says:

    Gene, somehow, don’t ask me how, I was not able to approve your comment. However, in answer to your question about the pink candle. Yes, in our tradition we do use it on the third Sunday of Advent and it is the joy candle. In my header I don’t have a pink candle because I haven’t got a pink pastel, that’s why they’re all purple.

    Advent blessings Gene, and everyone else who may be reading this!

  2. Gene says:

    My comment was:

    Very helpful. I can never keep it straight in my head. Which is the pink candle in your tradition? Or do you have one?

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