The situation in Darfur, Sudan is a contemporary tragedy in so many respects. We in northern hemisphere Western world countries have failed Darfur, Sudan and the continent of Africa in so many ways–politically, economically, socially, ethically, spiritually. I cannot help but believe if Darfur were Canada or the U.S. or a European nation or province the problems and conflicts would have been nipped in the bud far sooner than what we now face in Darfur today. The Western world seems to remain rather indifferent to the horrendous sufferings and genocide in Darfur. May God have mercy and move us out of our complacency into faithful action.

For some time I’ve read Chief Rabbi of Britian, Sir Jonathan Sacks’ web site. He has recently written a beautiful prayer for the people of Darfur. To read it click on this link, then click on Resources, then click on Prayer for Darfur:  http://www.chiefrabbi.org/ra-index.html